Monday, November 16, 2009


So I have been writing mostly the last few days, where are all the photos, or any?
I haven't been taking many photos, but there are some. Internet at work is on a twenty eight point eight kilobyte style. I have been told we are switching to Comcast because Qwest wants to jack up our price by twenty dollars a month more. I have been using the mall free wifi.

Pictures will be up tonight with explanations or subtitles.

Yesterday was Sunday.
I woke up at eleven thirtyish. I was already late at wakeup. I hopped in the shower, then hopped out, threw a dusty white tee on and jeans, bounced over to the bus stop. I luckily caught one on the way past my stop, and luckily pedaled up to it after about a block and a half. I end up getting into work around twelve ten to work. I'm going to skip this bullshit work part, because talking about that outside of work is slightly depressing and unnecessary. The highlight was the Vikings win though.

I got off work at six. I got on the bus, the six, to Hennepin avenue and twenty fifth street. I began walking east towards Lyndale street. I got past Jannine's and Emily's and Ryan's place. I get to Lyndale, realize then that I went one block too far. I was headed to Common Roots coffee shop, where Jannine and Emily were studying. I get there and grab a seat. I met a usual that seems to have been there before. Apparently, he is in the neighborhood by J and E as well. I put my headphones on and surf a little on the internet in my own world a little bit while Jannine and Emily finish up a section or so. I accidentally disconnected Tyler's( I think that was the name) power cord while removing Jannine's and I felt like he acted like he lost a thesis paper he was typing or something, but all that was lost as the steady charge to his Macbook, which was running on adapter power, but has his battery as well. He seem so shook:/ We headed over to Quang's vietnamese restaurant on Nicollet because Emily didn't want me eating at Kowloon, which is my usual Sunday night meal. She didn't want me eating at Kowloon because of an incident regarding her mom. I had the Bun Bo Hue. Jannine ordered the Vermicelli seafood pho i think. Emily just ordered the basic pho. We had the usual sauces of Hoisin and Sriracha. I killed my, drank all the broth and everything. Jannine and Emily had to put theirs into a container and bring it home. We stayed there for a little while longer after eating. I ended up talking about some internet speak, then moving onto music, then onto drugs, then onto something else I think. I think I mumbled a lot, because Emily had the face where she didn't know what I said. Jannine seemed to hear me easier as she was sitting next to me. We proceed to leave, and while we head to the register all the waiters and waitresses begin eating dinner. We overhear one of the girls say "Suck my dick". I thought this was lulz because it was a she who said it. I ended grabbing this jello-like dessert to go as well. It is green with yellow interior between another green jello layer. We leave and head out, but Jannine has a craving. We head to the Mexican bakery that is across the street. Jannine grabs a danish and something else. I don't know what she grabbed. Emily gets a churro. We head out. I get dropped off. I sleep, but wake up around two or three in the morning. I use the restroom, the spiciness caused an upset stomach. I also tried to watch blankety blankety movie with subtitles as well, but fell asleep. I ended up talking to Drew as well before going back to sleep around four in the morning. Emily ended up eating her pho that while I talked to her after waking up. Jannine ended up eating hers today. Tonight I decided to ride around Calhoun on the way home. I was in a mood to ride, but ended up not riding as much, maybe tomorrow. The Gucci dunk high by Nike SB, aka the RESNs, came out today as well at Familia. They sold out instantly around three or four in the afternoon. I was hoping to get one.
I got home and chilled for the most part. Tired. Yeah, I know this is one big block. So what? I was too lazy to separate into paragraphs.

So I've decided to upload pictures to photobucket and then rip them from that onto this Netbook, and then upload it, so must wait until tomorrow night.

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