Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Night

Last Night:

I watched "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs". The premise of this movie is an inventor that makes a gadget that converts water into food of his choice. Water transformed into food, that rains from the sky, what can go wrong? What if you convert too much? Water was not meant to be radiated.
The movie graphics were dope in general as it was computer-generated imagery. It was cool in a newer tweaked version of say Toy Story graphics.
While watching this I was video conferencing with a friend. She was busy watching Weeds. Weeds is about this suburban mother turned Marijuana dealer comedy. She is on like season three. I went whoa, thats a lot of seasons or so. You need to let me borrow that. It sounds like a cool premise for a show. I decided to start getting "The Boondocks" season one and two as well before season three hopefully starts next year. I went to sleep with the computer on.
I woke up at about seven thirty in the morning. I left my place when I usually do, and barely miss the six bus. I miss the bus because the light at Thirty Fourth street turned red on me as the bus just squeezed by after it being yellow. I had to just wait for the bus with another old lady at Thirty Fourth and Hennepin.

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