Saturday, April 2, 2016

3/31/2016 To Be Continued.....

So I decided to wash my two of my jeans two days ago. I took a million photos of them; before, during, and after. The details are as follows. I took photos in the natural sunlight coming into my room as much as possible. I filled my tub with warm water. I threw the two into the tub, and gave the jeans some agitation with my hands to get the grime and muck from the outside and in the pockets off. The reason I did this was to be able to drop off my jeans at the repair shops the following day. Luckily NYC has some shops with darning machines which create denim to fill in the rips. I wanted to only fill in the crotch rips on the RRL and reinforce the APC jeans.

Before: APC+RRL Front and Back

Before: RRL Back and Back Top

Before: RRL Front Top and Buttons

Before : APC Front and Crotch

Before: APC Front Top and Front Top 2

Before: APC Back Top and Back Bottom

Before: APC Inside Crotch Patches and Inside Back Patches

During: Clear Water Tub and Some Agitation Tub

During: Tub Detail and After Water

During: Hanging APCS+RRL and Tub Residue

After: Both APC+RRL Front

After: APC Front Top and Front Bottom

After: RRL Front Top and Front Bottom

After: RRL Back

After: RRL Back Top and Back Bottom

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