Sunday, April 3, 2016

4/1/2016 Half Successful

Today was a day for running errands, a mission for the day. I ticked off as many of the objectives possible. I was trying to do as much as possible, get in and out, because today is Friday. I had to carry my backpack in today. The bag was packed with a suit jacket, two pairs of jeans, and my bike lock. The weather forecast for this day was relatively pretty good at a high of upper 60s I believe. I was definitely sweating after I got over the bridge. 

First, for the agenda today was to get my suit jacket sleeves on an OAMC jacket shortened. I am 5'8, and these sleeves easily swallowed half my palms. I come here on the referral of a twitter follower. Apparently he has been around for over a quarter of a century, and his clean website. 
Across from Arlene's Grocery, and relatively nondescript of an awning, I walk into the office of Pablo and his company of Stanton Tailor Shop. Spanish was flying from a customer and the crew immediately as I stepped in and waited. I pull out my jacket from my jacket, slip it on, and hop on the raised platform with mirrors to let the guy in charge pin my sleeve up to know how much to take it up. Next were my APC jeans. I showed the crotch area and explained I needed this to be reinforced from the unraveling that was taking place at the joint section of the four leg panels. 

I go around the corner next to Self Edge. I bring my RRL jeans with a crotch blow out and leave them here. The turnaround time here was three week. Stanton's tailor shop said next week for both my jeans and jacket. Pricing between the two were relatively equal. I am interested in the quality of work by both once I receive them back. 

After this place, I head up to Dover Street Market to speak to the manager Hunderson there, but I couldn't find him. I also run into Jenny, a former co-worker, and find Marcela nowhere to be found. I talk to Ross, one of the guys who works on the second floor here for a second. I struckout in finding Hunderson. I head over to my Rheumatologist a few blocks away on my way to Stumptown also to make an appointment and update my medical insurance. Little did I know that they close very early on Friday, at 1pm. I arrive at like 5 or so. Crap. 2 Hits and 2 strikes so far. I head up to Duane Reade on 34th and pick up my prescription. I wanted to update my insurance there as well. I start digging in my pockets and all the compartments in my backpack. I can't find my insurance card info. I later realized I forgot the medical card and rent check on a shelf in the stairwell of my building when I got back home. Luckily the Pharmacist let me rock and update it next time. 

I roll through next to Stumptown to try a Coconut cream cold brew and a sticky bun pastry. Both were new things for me. The coco cream cold brew is like a true vegan mixture, but it leaves an aftertaste in my mind. The sticky bun is super sticky. It was very thick as well and has many air crisps in my mind similar to that a croissant. I also use this time to charge up my phone while I wait. Bless the baristas of Stumptown Midtown NYC.

I went to get a grilled chopped chicken banh mi next. The price of it was about 9 dollars. I like Henry's better, cheaper and same or more in quantity in Park Slope.

I ride home and see a 300zx on my way home, but couldn't get a clear pic. Seeing that model, in a good running and clean condition after such a long time is rare as it is over 20 years old usually. 

In the end, I completed the objectives of dropping off my jacket and jeans, got my prescription, and got dinner. I struck out in finding Hunderson at Dover Street Market, making an appointment and updating my insurance at my Rheumatologist, and didn't update my insurance at Duane Reade as well. That was what I meant by the title of Half Successful for today.

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