Saturday, April 9, 2016

4/6/2016 I'm Gonna Die

My day starts EARLY. I made an appointment the day before to go to my Rheumatologist at 10:30am over the phone the night before. I explain them my new insurance, and I was given the ok to just come in. I get in at right around my appointment time and and told they don't accept that insurance. I have a new health insurance plan, which is a Medicaid plan that I chose provided by Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HealthPlus. They told me they accept Fidelis, Healthfirst, and various other Medicaid options, that I didn't select. 
I get on my phone and select the Healthfirst plan to transfer my health plan so that I can get service, which will begin on the first of next month. FUCK. Its April 6th, all thats going through my mind is 'I have to wait all of April in order to get my meds and knee drained?!'. I ask about how to get service now and soon since I hadn't had Methotrexate for about 2 weeks. I have acute joint swellings, but nothin severe lately. The attendant there calls up another place nearby to see if they accept my current plan to get seen. I go there and that tidbit will be explained later. This was my first strike of the day.
I go off to get lunch here next, Sweetgreen. I like the Harvest bowl with the wild rice and goat cheese. I'm trying to minimize the amount of red meat and dairy as that is fatty and dairy is difficult to process. I think this is the best value. The Spring seasonal dishes are next on my list to try especially the Beets Don't Kale My Vibe dish. All 3 look good actually. The photo below is right before it got busy. Within 15 minutes of taking this, the place was SWAMPED. I was busy enjoying my meal, people watching, and charging my phone. I had drained my battery while at the Rheumatologist's office.
After charging up, I went around the corner to my usual dentist, Lawrence Wang of Madison Square Dentistry. Gabby who works the front desk greeted me as usual. I had been going here for the last 3 years about, once every six months. I went to check if my Medicaid was accepted. NOPE. I was emailed a list of the insurances that they accept, all of which were PPOs. I will be having to get a different dentist, provided under the new plan:(

After dealing with that second strike headache, I head to this place nearby to see If I could get a prescription for Methotrexate. I get in, fill out the paperwork, and wait like usual. This place is looks like it just popped up or something and is mad sus from the look of the front from this photo I posted, but they were good. The doctor asked about what I was there for and I told her. She said she wouldn't give me a script for the Methotrexate due to the black box warnings on it. I would need to go see a specialist to get my blood testing and such with them. I was like FUCK. I would have to wait until the end of the month when I'm able to see my usual doctor because of the insurance coverage. I leave this and head downtown.

I head to the Stanton Tailor Shop to pick up my blazer and jeans. I get there and he has trouble finding my jeans. It turns out they hadn't been worked on yet. Even though I show up one day later than expected, they aren't done. His workers get on that immediately and tells me, 'Come back 1 hour'. I was going to wait there but decided to go around the corner. 

I go around the block and hit this place up. Economy Candy is a sweet tooth's wet dream. This place has mad varieties of candies in bulk and great pricing. It has been around since 1937, and the guy running it now is the grandson of the original owner I believe. I picked up a few things as shown below. I went across the street to pick up the two juices as well. I needed to get my nutrients somehow. I used the green to get some greens and the other one to get some cleansing, via the beet juice in it. 

I ride home with my completed jeans and jacket, and take a nap. I then get up in a few hours to head back into the city. I bike in to meet up in the chilly night near my former work. I go by my work and run into one of my former drivers. I ask for a ride over the Williamsburg with my bike in tow. He obliges and drops me off. Thats what the photo below is. I get caught up behind a G-Wagon in my boy's Camry Uber. Listening to Slime Season 3 and charging my phone at the same time while in the front seat was my idea of a quality Uber ride. I ride through Brooklyn from Metropolitan and the BQE home, to just ride back:(............

Medicaid is health insurance everyone can have, but not everyone takes. If I die, blame it on Medicaid, trying to figure out who accepts it. In order to not die from the illness, I'll die from having to pay the medical bills.

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