Thursday, March 31, 2016

3/30/2015 Before And After

Today I relatively early. I woke up at 10:30am, but got myself out of bed at around 11:30am. I hopped in the shower after turning on the oven to preheat my final Domino's slices. I scarfed down those and walked down to change my front wheel to my HED-3 since the winds weren't as tornado like today. I was running late, but lunchtime traffic was bad biking through the city. I meet my friend Stewart for a meeting at the northwest corner of Madison Square Park. I told him that was a awkward corner because East 26th Street goes east and 5th Avenue south, opposites ways I am coming to meet him via bike.
The chat goes well while I make way to my next destination, Cafe 28, to get a green juice and walk over to Ace. I get a flourless double chocolate cookie in Stumptown to try, one of the new items there. I want to eventually try the updated lobby burger as well. Apparently theres a change to lamb vs. the previously mentioned with beef.  I took some shots since I had my camera with me wherever I go. This guy caught me with the camel Chester, dad jeans, and Valentino's in the coffee shop.   

After I leave Koreatown, I go by Dover Street Market to see if I could speak to the General Manager. I couldn't locate him and my friends there were off for the day. I spoke with another associate there, and got some good news which could help me. I also did a run through of the place from top down to see what new arrivals there were. The Undercover taped seam coats and accessories case were the highlights, along with some Thames London product. 

I left shortly and went down along 2nd Avenue. I decided to stop at East 14th Street's corner to catch some snaps. I left after I saw my phone was running low on battery, 8or9% and put it in low power mode. I barely made it home at about 3or4%. I bounced off to Black Seed Bagel next. 



Black Seed Bagel was good, but I felt overpriced. I ordered the #1, which runs $12 and small Martinellis for $3. I felt it was kind of small in comparison to other places, bagel size-wise. The palce does have a wood-fire oven that they use to bake the bagels fresh. I wanted a Multi-Grain bagel, but their pickings were slim after 5pm. My favorite and still champ is Russ&Daughters on Orchard.

This is the Hasids squaded up on Broadway in front of a building I believe that chops mad wood into nice little blocks perfect for either ovens or fireplaces. I'm not sure what goes on in the building. 

This next part is where the title comes from. Last night I am coming from the city and along Myrtle Avenue at Dekalb/Central intersect, I see mad fire trucks and cop cars and sirens all over the place. I stop by OMG Pizza on that corner to get some cookies, but then see the cars and lights along the whole block. It seems there was what began as a 3 alarm fire, turned into a 6 alarm fire. The fire began in the first floor of a 3 story building and got picked up by winds to grow so fast. The proximity of the neighboring building allowed the fire to spread from one unit to 5 total in a row. About 90 are homeless from the fire. There was apparently a LARGE pigeon coop on the roof off one or two of the buildings that went up in flames as well. See the pictures of the night before, and the results I took the next day on my way home, 3 blocks away from the scene.


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