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9/25 and 9/26 2015: London Ting Pt. 1

I flew into Gatwick Airport. FUCKING CONFUSING airport. I was confused from the start on how to get to the hotel this day. I spent a time going through customs and don't remember whether I'd take the Gatwick Express or Thameslink/Southern route. I remember loading up the Oyster with some money or so. I get there and am unable to check-in. I go out and about the area for a bit and then return to check in. I wake up after a short nap due to the lag and then have the following for dinners.
X Hoi Polloi burger and fries, butter lettuce with hazelnuts and salad cream

I wake up around noon or shortly after noon and start my treks with my minimalistic clothes. Each day I wore a white tee pretty much and walked everywhere as much as possible even though I got a weekly zone 1-2 loadup. The following is where I went. I walked south to Shoreditch High St hollow orange line north towards Highbury-Islington stop, then walked to the light blue line going south to Leicester Square's dark blue line stop, leaving me in West Soho. The night before I plotted plans overnight while watching BBC tv among movies and sports and news. 
I hit up the first size which goes downstairs under Neal Street. The weird thing about London was finding where the street sign was. I realized to find where you are, you have to look up on the corners of buildings instead of on street corners. The streets and lanes are so narrow. Even jaywalking is tough for me because my mind is on the USA right of way whereas the UK is reverse, drive on the left, look right FIRST. The only thing that interested me at call were the Size? New Balance 1500 collaboration. They had a size 8.5. I debated on it and decided to pass until my last day to decide because of the limited amount of space I had. The price was reasonable at 100£(~$140). I went on my way to their secondary location on Carnaby to find out they were revamping it after 10 years. They had a makeshift shop a block away to push their stock. They had one of the best selections I had seen in awhile aside from Kith or Atmos. I made my way to browse Supreme on Peter street next. That place is so hidden in a little nook around a corner. The sign is kind of non-descript in an alley off a mainway. The downstairs buildout was a beaut, spacious and well lit and arranged. I went to an classic sneaker spot next, Footpatrol. This place surprised me. The vibe of this place was like that of a submarine. Thats the best way I can describe it. There were sneakers everywhere with a low barely there ceiling and wood decor. The visual merchandising to showcase the current sneaker campaign was in the front like that of the UNDFTD storefronts. The shoes that intrigued me in here were the MMJ Ventilators. They were 95£(~$136). Next on the agenda was the marble decorated Palace Skateboards. If there was challenger to the Supreme empire, it would be the London-based Palace. I did some scouting here to figure what to purchase and pack for my souvenir back to America. 
I went to ANON aka A Number Of Names next. This place was a outpost constructed by Craig Ford. ANON is showroom for multiple brands similar to the way there is the NTWRK and One Distribution. It was weird, the name rang a bell in my ear. It was familiar. It ended up being that him and his partner were the European distribution channels for BBC. They had frequented the Ace New York every tradeshow season, and were decked in BBC or HumanMade. I remembered my conversations with them at work to find out what they did. He was an early adopter, with a keen eye for style. I picked up a few simple things from the such as a few pins. The store was a pop-up shop for Human Made x Coca Cola presently when I was there. I made friends with the staff Emmanuel(@nomannerzz). They seem to have move to a larger location at Marshall Street presently. The old location of Upper James had history though, being the original Bape UK outpost.
After ANON, I wandered to the OG Dover Street Market. This place was interesting, but I like the New York outpost better. I like the flow of New York. The basement at this location was well arranged though. 
I went to check the Supreme book signing by David Sims at their location in the early evening. I got a strange vibe. There was a lady at the door checking names and with a guest list or something. I walked in and caught the guest of honor inside with his son signing the books along with minglers and others such as Grace(@graceladoja). 
From here, I tripped out to catch the MashSF 2 screening at the House Of Vans London location in a tunnel. Its a difficult place to get to. The tube is takes a little to get use to especially with someone stuck on wifi or google maps as my only navigation for a out of town newbie. I went via the Bakerloo brown line at Piccadilly Circus to Waterloo stop. Walking from here to House of Vans behind the station is off the path as well, especially at night. They had a bike valet, with an art gallery,  and the screening started shortly thereafter. The rollout for MashSF 2015 film was strange. There isn't a dvd. What you get is a download code with a book or something for $55.
After the screening, I rushed home via the 26 bus to Covent Garden and then somehow eventually walked to Spitalfield's Nandos for dinner. OH FOR GOD I WISH NANDOS WAS IN NEW YORK! IT WAS THAT DELECTABLE. 
X size? 37a Neal St and Carnaby (£100 newb 1500)
X Supreme London
X Footpatrol (mmj ventilators £95)
X Palace London
X A Number Of Names
X Dover Street Market London
X David Sims Supreme book signing 6-8pm
Brown Bakerloo Piccadilly Circus to Waterloo
X House of Vans London Waterloo tube stop 8pm MASHSF screening
26 bus to covent garden, temple, city of London, spitalfields
X Nandos Spitalfields (1130-11pm) DINNER

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