Thursday, February 4, 2016

2/3/2016: Waste-Day

My Red Bull 'hangover' wakes me up early at around 9 and keeps me up until 11 or 12. I get a text from Lex in the morning at 11, right as I'm about to get back to sleep after waking up. I meet up and thought about getting breakfast, but linger in bed in and out of naps.

I get out of bed around 6:30pm. A waste of most of the day so far. I checked my soccer scores and emails from my phone while in bed. I didn't even get to eat anything today. I just didn't feel hungry enough. My stomach said otherwise moaning and growling through my naps in the day.

I head into the city at 7ish to get my methotrexate prescription and my W-2. I didn't get to mail out this Department Of Labor letter regarding my unemployment claim because apparently I refused a job offer in the form one week. I have to explain to them that I wasn't offered any jobs in order to release my benefits. I didn't get to call the healthcare office or callback any places during work hours either. Today was such a waste, along with the cloudy skies and rain for most of the afternoon. I am a wasteman.

Lucas gets me a coffee before Stumptown closes, and I get my meds right before 8 at the pharmacy. Some win! I talk to the Cali, the manager at Le Labo and apparently they might get be hiring, especially for their new location, in the West Village area. I lounge at the Ace Hotel entrance chatting with Lucas, Guillermo, and Steve. Eventually leaving around the time Lucas leaves, even running into Fernando, the ACR NYC God. We plan things out and talk about fashion, moves, and things such as days off. It's nice to talk in real life more than digitally via the Internet. It gives me a sense of humanity, away from the mutant of social media.

Straight off my train to Archie's. Archies is a fuego of a pizza jawnt in Bushwick off the Central Ave M stop. This place is about 5-10 minutes only of a walk from the crib. I grab a pie and garlic bread on Dornbush's recommendation. Pizza, garlic bread, orange crush, and bananas with the west coast Clippers Wolves game just beginning. I destroy half my pizza, bread, and banana. Why the banana? The banana is sludge and a sort of natural antacid. It coats my stomach lining before the pretty greasy dinner comes sliding down. The natural potassium is a perk as well.

The Wolves lead most of the game. The referees had a few questionable calls. The wolves pull through with KAT, Wiggins, Rubio, and Lavine performing and coming in clutch. After last nights cheat code NBA Jam on fire marksmanship by Kobe, the Wolves needed this tonight. They got the W and that was all that mattered.

The late latte kicks in and I'm beginning to finish this after paying electric, wireless, and Internet bills. I got some things done. Goals for tomorrow include mailing out my unemployment form and w-2 turbotax filings. I'm going to log off here while watching Ride Along 2 now.

Good night.

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