Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2/2/2016: Out Of Order

2: Out of Order.

In this, I plan on doing what I like to do in my free time which includes the following; reviewing things I have or got, places I go, or posting photos I took without filters or edit.

The plan is to post chronologically daily, with at least the expeditions of the day. The title of this is out of order, because first is that it's the second day in the month, and what I did yesterday will be in the next post to catch up with the date of the month.

What did I do today? I woke up, did my first of the month duty on the second, deliver my rent check downstairs. The benefits of having your landlord/super living in the basement, convenience.

I go into the city to chop up unemployment life with a former Ace regular, Stewart. I say former because he threw a tantrum over someone in Stumptown because they rubbed him the wrong way on a bad day. New Yorkers are easily annoyed.

Stewart is like a future white me. He's scruffy looking, with glasses and is easily agitated. He comes over from Jersey into the city to get errands fulfilled and shopping for his pops. Pops is at that age where he needs a personal care taker or go to a senior home. Senior homes are expensive with the way NYC is, and untrustworthy. I read plenty of shit about caretakers or daycares fucking up.

Stewart can ramble a mild a minute, and all I can do is nod, and take in all he says. I am always analyzing what people say. I usually am listening. I have my opinions, but am that passive thinker. He's given me advice on NY things such as healthcare and unemployment and even the usual sports chat. He know his NYC sports, even though I'm a Minnesota fan for life. He knows even my squads. I can only converse so long with him though or else he may talk my ears off. I usually cut him off politely.

One errand done, three left: use my last meal ticket from December, fill out a job application, and buy a ticket for Deadpool at the only true IMAX theater in NYC, AMC Loews by Lincoln Center. I head to the old stomping grounds of cafe28, a 24hour Manhattan bodega on the corner of 28th street and 5th avenue. I call it a Manhattan bodega because the prices are significantly higher than the outer borough prices.

I use the ticket on my favorite, a 16oz green juice. The Green juice here consists of celery, kale, apple, lemon, cucumber, ginger, and some other ingredient I believe. The drink doesn't taste like shit like most premixed juices. While walking with juice in hand and to the 1 train, I remember that the Broadway Plaza Hotel was hiring bellmen, but that applications had to be filled in person. I make the pit stop and fill out an application. I stopped by the NoMad to inquire as well, but they said they hired an on-call type part-timer already. That ain't paying my bills. I get on the train and head uptown. I pick up a ticket for next week's screening with the roomate and friends. The Apple Store is across the street from the theater. I need a new charger. My current one was turtlenecking. I picked up the Native Union BELT cable; my review of that later.

Heading home, the daily struggle of what to eat occupies my train ride home. A chopped cheese with bacon sandwich is my final choice from the local bodega. I get home only 15 minutes into the Manchester United game, and catch the Premier win at Old Trafford. Today was a good day with 3 points. I rest up and wake up in time to head to Barclays for an Islanders/Wild game. I don't like to miss home games in NY if possible. It's was intense, and the game should have been 5-8 or so but ended up 3-5.

The night ends late at about 2am now. The post of 2/1 will be an early post in the morning fueled by a Red Bull 'hangover' from tonight.

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