Monday, March 28, 2016

3/26/2015: Nike #AirMax Day in NYC

March 26th. This is Air Max Day. Nike's Air Max birthday. I was riding from the Upper East Side after meeting my friend Brian, to Urbanspace Vanderbilt. At Urbanspace Vanderbilt, I hit their Roberta's location. I had the Famous Original pie there and then hauled my way down to Skylight at Clarkson. These two pics are ones on my way pedaling through the west side making my way down 9th ave. 

This is the entrance platform to the Air Max Convention exhibit showcasing influencers and their take on Air Maxes. Tunes for the place were through DJ Mel Debarge, as showcased in the first photo. The Masters Of Air posters below were each contracted by various New York based artists. 

Iceberg is the nickname of an Air Max specialist. The screens with headphones gave their story in a Air Max documentary. Along with the clip, selections of his collection were displayed. 

NIKEiD created a color palette selection by Hiroshi, Tinker, and Mark for fans to play around with in an inspiring classroom setting on iPads.

In this next section, various Masters are being highlighted. The first is a jeweler name Mr.Flawless, who has created diamond encrusted pendants in the shapes of sneakers with attention to detail.


"Matt Senna’s work sparks passion in the Collector as well as the Critic. Addressing social and behavioral issues by using objects that incite thought and spark emotion - he has been able to create impact through beauty, honesty and truth. Senna himself is inspired by everyday life and his surroundings both past and present, invoking a conversation of self-awareness, cultural stigma and personal growth." Matt created bronze casts of the air max 1, 90, and 95. He does it in two parts and upside down. The molten metal is poured through sole side via two holes and then poof, detailed cast of sneaker.

Joya is a Brooklyn fragrance studio, who created Air Max 90 candles of 4 different scents. 

The next Master, Christophe Robert, created models or creatures from cutting apart boxes, specifically Nike boxes in this case.


Ellaesco is the next fanatic. I remember seeing her username on NikeTalk, and follow her now through Instagram. She has become one of the premier female sneaker collectors now I believe.


The following was a showcase by Kith. Kith created an edible booth. They had a Blizzard-like ice cream swirl or cereal box with milk giveaways with Air Max themed combinations. 

MPnails is a editorial manicurist. She and her company were creating nail designs influenced by Air Max colors and patterns for guests.

These final 2 sections are kind of in conjunction with each other. I had my shoes cleaned by the Jason Markk pro in apron and in the chair so that my shoes looked fresh for the following photo. The photo was taken in the Air Chamber, a little light tunnel with many mirrors and a setting to get a great photo of the sneakers. This last part was created by The Madbury Club, a youthful creative consulting agency.

The end of the fun part of the convention led to the other side which was the following. There was a wall of one hundred pairs of Air Maxes selected by Nike and the story behind each design for its description. The one shoe out of the hundred that got the most votes was the "Atmos Elephant" air max 1. That shoe will be re-released next year since it won. Below were my favorite pairs I liked out of the select.

In this last room, there was a displayed an Air Max customized by each of the members of HTM. There was more than this one photo, but I don't think those were really necessary or significant. This picture summed up the section, aside from the cool Air Max blow-up couches, seats, and ottomans. 

Hi. Me. Bye. #AirMaxCon2016 #NYC

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