Thursday, September 19, 2013

197: Schoolboy Q #UNCAPPED at Eyebeam Art Gallery

So Fader Magazine and Vitamin Water continue their monthly intimate concert series with Top Dawg Entertainment veteran Schoolboy Q while also introducing the First Lady of TDE, newbie Sza.   This was Sza's first large performance.

After congregating at west twenty third street and eighth avenue, the mob made the short trek to twenty first and twelfth to the Eyebeam Art Gallery. So we have been to a laundromat, a car garage, a bank, and a person's empty house; now we are in an art gallery. I'm waiting on when they throw concert on an empty train car or even the Highline! 

We arrive to the place around quarter to eight or so and are immediately treated to Guest DJ Green Lantern throwing down an electronic rap set warming up the crowd and allowing the set technicians to also  double check all the equipment. 

Miss Info started her host responsibilities at half past eight in the dot. Backed by DJ And Keviard support, Sza began. He started off with two tracks and told a tidbit of her starts in between the tracks. After the first two, a highlight was "You drop one or two tracks; people go Who are you?"  After performing with TDE and company. She performed Teen Spirit for her third track, while Julia and Ice Moon for the first two I think.

Q popped up on stage with a asymmetric zip up Balmain hoody and damaged biker pants with some Visvim FBT Folk Amdo

Q went through about 7 tracks before having Kendrick Lamar assist on Collard Greens and then go into his own Maad City. Q closes with Yay Yay.

Q Set List
Bet I Got Some Weed
Nightmare On Figg St
My Hating Joint
There He Go
Hands On The Wheel
Collard Greens
Kendrick Lamar Maad city
Yay Yay

After a set up intermission, Miss Info interviews Q and Sza shortly. The topics ranged from family, to character, to his new album Oxymoron.

When asked about his album's feel, Q responded, "Old hiphop feeling back from LA. Snoop doggy style"
About meeting different kinds of people and such in the industry, "Weed put everyone together".

Sza was shortly questioned as well. How does it feel being in TDE or so? Her replies were, "Theres a Lotta observing, soaking up everything quietly" in relation to TDE slang and vernacular in the studio and while working. In relation to what concept she has absorbed so far is "Skill outweighs talent. Be a complete artist." This is in regards to things such as consistency and putting in effort. You can have great talent, but without that work ethic it is nothing.

Auf Wiederhören

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