Wednesday, September 4, 2013

192: Juicy J "Stay Trippy" Album Release at The Jazz Room

Shortly after the Big Sean concert, I made moves to head to the Jazz Room to attend the Stay Trippy release party. This was hosted by the Source people and Columbia records people. The sponsor of Smoke vodka was flowing through the cups and around the room here. ASAP Mob and Rocky made an appearance to congratulate The Trippy General Juicy J, then left. Juicy was awarded the Source cover for the Power 30 and a plaque for Bandz A Make Her Dance as well. DJ Self was on the ones and twos for the night. Amber Rose showed up shortly as well. No photos of that as security was tight all around. Wiz and Juicy, they look like brothers in arms, and Will the manager sure has aged over the years.


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