Saturday, September 14, 2013

196: Pusha T's My Name Is My Name Listening at Industria SuperStudio

This was on 9/11. It was a somber date to begin. In the evening Pusha T hosted his My Name Is My Name listening party catered by Red Bulls, Hennessy, Don Julio, among other various beverages. The gallery space contained the four alternative album covers in big tarps place along the venue with a few fluorescent bulb beam pillars which eventually flashed with his presentation. My name did not work, neither did my contact whom referred me to this. I got in though via other ways. I do not drink, so I took indulgence with the Red Bull, downing two, resulting in me still writing this. I got a few photos and light videos of the listening. I did not try too hard on the photos, nor the videos, for fear of the usual  Cease and Desist stops on the videos. Kanye made an appearance to give approval and steal the show slightly from Push. People were more attentive to him than the event. Fabolous, Elliot Wilson, one of the Rosenthals, Miss Info, Kaws, Sway, Virgil Abloh, Curtains, ASAP Illz, Ferris Bueller, and Brock Marciano were all in the house to attend. The event was missing 2 Chainz and Pharrell who were turned away by security. I don't know why. *shrug+scratches head* 

The album tracks, from what was played was a very heavy first half of about 6 songs or so, then the second half was a lighter and softer tracks. This is from what I remember/recollect.

Enjoy the recap below

Na ave shilwapo nawa

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