Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday. 4/8

My last post was April thirtieth.

Lets see if I can recount for what I did.
Thursday: I went home. I had a few auctions that were ending. I was waiting there for them to end. I ended up winning them, which were a Triumvir crewneck and two tee shirts. The total for a crewneck and two tees ended up being thirty seven something shipped, hella cheap. I then headed to The Duplex, where I was suppose to meet Vince earlier. I didn't have my phone though, so I didn't get his text and such. I ended up there, to use the waitress's cell phone to call him. I sat on the stoop there waiting for him. Dylan and Jake end up riding past to pick up some things. They stop by, I use his phone to call Vince. They chill there waiting to figure shit out and for their friend to call them back. Vince ends up there. We end up chilling on the Duplex/Namaste stoop for a half hour maybe. Vince did not want to go home and wanted to ride along with me. I wasn't too hungry so riding to a food spot nearby was not an option. We ended up riding to Mesa Pizza and copped a slice there. We end up running into Jonboi, who co-owns the Dinkytown Tattoo Parlor next door. We end up going in there with him to get into Bassnectar in the Varsity Theater across the street. It was a sold out show. I think the term is Dubstep for the music that was playing. It felt like a hippie rave-fest to best describe the event. We ended up there for like twenty minutes tops. We then chilled at Jonboi's doorstop while trying to get walker's attention and shit. We then end up biking home parting ways are about Nicollet street. This ends Thursday.

Friday: This night was the first Friday of the month. This means Get Cryphy at First Avenue's 'Record Room' formerly known as 'The VIP Room' . It got packed soon thereafter I got there. I got there about eleven, it got packed around half past or later. It was alright, minus the random newbies that had the "I'm going to rape you" face on for the whole night. I ended up going to Caffreys Delis and Subs shortly after closing. I called before going, so my order was up a few minutes after getting there instead of having to wait. I ran into a friend and her sister there. They looked drunk and scary. I ordered the Hot Ham and Swiss along with the potato salad cup.

Saturday: This night I headed to Flying Lotus and Kode9 performance at The Loft at The Barfly, which is downtown on Hennepin avenue. It was like experimental type music. I had a RedBull before the show, who happens to be the sponsors for the event as well. The guy to girl ratio was about like 15 to 1. The place turned into a mini rave in some parts. Some guys had some light gloves and other toys. The place had about like three hundred or four hundred folk there. I went to the Anthem Hearts Worn to be Wild event afterwards by the Red Stag in Northeast. It was a big warehouse floor with some cool visuals and lights and some booze. I started the night with fifteen bucks, I ended with like three or four in the pocket I believe. I rode my bike here, but my friend had a car, so I bummed a ride since I was lazy to bike in the slightly chilly morning, four in the morning, so hence bike into car and me into front seat. We headed to McDonald's in Uptown on Lagoon avenue, but they were on the breakfast menus, FUCK THAT. We headed to the SuperAmerica on Lake street. I wanted two hot dogs initially, but they had a rush and just replenished that with fresh dogs, so there was a wait time. I did not want to wait, so I copped the egg salad and ham salad sandwich wedges, paid and bounced. I get home and destroy the two, then snooze. I snoozed for a long time, as Sunday is Easter, and Southdale was closed.

Sunday: I woke up after waking up and sleeping again at three in the afternoon. I did some laundry, and watched something on my computer to pass the time. I did two loads. The second load into the dryer, I went to Quang's afterwards, since the dryer was going to take a LONG time. I ordered the Bun Bo Hue, but they didn't have the usual noodles, so they substituted that with rice noodles. I had that, with a side dish for dipping, and killed it since I had not eaten all day. I go up to pay, but pick up the Tri-Color dessert to go, and grab some of their Reese's Pieces quarter candy. The quarter candy portion was one of the largest amounts I have ever seen. I ride home and kill the Tri-Color, and watch 'The Lovely Bones' and then 'Weeds' I think.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: These three days are sort of a blur. There wasn't anything worthwhile orderwise that I remember doing. I just know that all three nights I spent a lot of time watching season one, two, and three of 'Weeds'. I stayed up pretty late Monday night into Tuesday morning of about three or four. Other than that, I don't know.

Thursday: This and other shit. Pictures up tomorrow or later maybe....

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