Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sell some things.
Buy sometimes things.
Ride my bike.
Live drama free, some would mostly call if selfishly.
Continue towards becoming 'debt'-free.

In other news, I have been without steady internet at work for the last seven days. I have been on the internet either after work or in the morning before at work. I try to figure out what to do with the hours of my days and try to not fall asleep while people-watching what people I see.

I have a bad mouth-ache which is either a cavity, root canal, or wisdom tooth coming in. I go to see the dentist May twenty fourth. The trip is costing a hundred and forty seven dollars as I do not have health insurance. The last time I went to see the dentist was in like two thousand and six. The trip will be an exam and x-ray shots. It will be at the University of Minnesota dental department, probably the cheapest.

I have officially boycotted pop or soda from my diet. This includes alcoholic drinks. I will however continue energy drinks and coffee in my diet.

Photos would come if I was not such a slacker.

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