Saturday, May 7, 2016

5/5/2016 Frieze Week Kickoffs

Frieze week kickoff. I went into the city with a few places to hit up with an agenda. I went to Labor NYC in Chinatown get an Adidas #awaydays movie premier ticket. Stop by that shop if you're in Chinatown for skate needs. The guys there are knowledgeable and friendly. The shop is small, but carries essentials. After this I rode to Deitch Gallery.

I didn't know what time this was opening up except that it was sometime in the evening. I biked by and got there right as it was opening. The gallery was hosting Tom Sachs 'nuggets' exhibit. The works were all created from wood and mixed media. There was painting, etching, carvings, burnings, and various other ways of creation of everyday objects. The scale of the sculptures ranged from small to medium range. 

I ran into an old friend Joe Garvey who came by to check things out. Go google his stuff if you haven't. He is the reason I got a job in NY. Alongside him, I saw NY usuals of KAWS, Dave Ortiz, and Glenn O'Brien. I left at about 7 right when it was beginning to get packed in the small space. I ran into Opening Ceremony Manager Simon Chung and his wife Laura on my way out as well. Oh the people you run into. 

After leaving Deitch, I strolled by the Vfiles Bieber pop-up since I was in the area. The shop was finishing up and closing, but there were still plenty of cops and teeny boppers waiting for a glimpse of the Biebs.


This was a sort of various collective of different artists posts. along Broadway and Howard. 

These two dogs were chilling and looked awesome, a boxer and a bull terrier.

I went to DSM for their opening, as I hadn't been there for weeks. I was trying to get a sales job there once I found out a few people had quit. I stopped going there quite often to prevent myself from wanting to spend money that I didn't have as well. I go there mostly to refresh myself on some brands and see my friends that I use to work with. I ran into a few friends there, specifically Marcel and Paul Lee, they were both pretty occupied in the hectic venue. The installations were pretty artsy, with Know-Wave and Margiela's corners to the Ari Marcopoulous and Alessandro Michele 'Epiphany' Gucci book signing. The free wine and snacks from Rose Bakery didn't hurt either. Swaggy. 

Ghost riding the whip by you. Sometimes things gotta be done. 

I headed to the Cazal 40th Anniversary celebration and Spring 2016 preview show at the Limelight shops kind of early. They had open Hennessy, Ciroc, Baron Tequila, and some other booze I think for three hours. They had a few DJs and some some swag bags. I was there for the giveaway and sights. Free booze brings out the best and worst in people of course as usual and visible this night. Congratulations Cazal, 40 years is monumental.

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