Sunday, May 1, 2016

4/17/2016 Pixburgh BBQ

I wake up at 10. I look at my phone and see Jen just texted me at 10:40. I'd been up for a good half hour and showered already. Lucas had been up already meeting for breakfast and such with his sister. Me and Jen head out around 11pm to meet up with Lucas at Squirrel Hill. We start going the way thats on Jen's phone. We start going north. We go for about two or three blocks on Dallas Ave before I see on the map that we're going in the wrong direction. Once we get on our way, we see some scenic things, such as the man in the hammock and the blossoming flowered yard in the pics below.

We get to Squirrel Hill after about a half hour and get picked up by Lucas to go find a parking spot nearby. We head out to Pamela's for breakfast, but I see that Lucas and Jen both have the same fit on; black bottoms, black shoes, gray tee.

Walking to Pamela's Diner, I spot a 'Rari. I was like I needed to take a snap of this. The design lines and color were unmistakeable. It was an F355. The body styling reminds me of the mid-90s Toyota MR2. This 'Rari or any in general is my goals. I want one in my name. I have never owned any car before. Goals.

Around the corner two blocks from parking, we hit up Pamela's Diner. An old friend of Lucas who calls him 'Lukey', was working today. He said she was like the face of the place. That stirred up nostalgic feelings of my time at the Ace, as echoed by frequent guests and visitors, of me being the mascot almost. The decor screams 60's, with pop culture memorabilia. 

I didn't want to order too much as I knew there would be a BBQ later on. Once I ordered something though, I knew I had to finish it. I felt guilty for Jen's and Lucas's plate still having leftovers. The crepe-like pancakes Pamela's is known for is call 'hotcakes'. They are stuff with the toppings. I drizzled maple syrup sweetening the breakfast with bacon and pulpy OJ for finishing touches. The side of fruit gave me a faux health kick so I didn't feel bad eating nothing but fatty and fried goods. The results are below. I destroyed almost everything. Jen looked nauseous or tired after her meal.

This Obama photo had some context to it apparently. I read that President Obama had made a trip to Pittsburgh for a speaking or something and he was unhappy that he was unable to stop by Pamela's due to time constraints.

This is Coffee Tree Roasters, a local cafe in Squirrel Hill with plenty of coffee flavor syrup options. 

We hit up Avalon Exchange. Avalon is like a Buffalo Exchange or Plato's Closet. This place had gems, great vintage. There were three aisles of clothing, one for men, two for women, and the front jewelry stuff. The place was well organized.We ran into a friend of Lucas named Miranda while in there as well.

After our breakfast/lunch, we get dropped off at home for a nap before heading out to Lucas' friend's place for a BBQ. We pick up two packs of Coronas and two Heinekens, along with some ice. The hill on the way to his place had some inclines we had to go up.

His friend's sign for the BBQ:) 

RB is the guy in the shorts on the grill presently in the photos. He was hosting the grill-out. We had music via some speakers and an iPad. Burgers (turkey, veggie, and beef), brats, dogs, veggies, and steaks were grilled. Pasta dishes with cheese dip and chips were side items brought by others. Lots of alcohol was available in the form of gin, vodka, and various beers from the potluck. We watched the weekend's basketball games along a laptop as well via Reddit and Youtube. 

The turnout was great and the weather was more than we could ask for. The temps reached about 80 degrees, but as the sun dropped so did the heat, bringing forth so shade. 

Felix, the future graf writer in training.

As the sun set and time went by, we were hungry for some sweets. We went to Millie's ice cream. Adrianna drove while the care was loaded. 

I grabbed the Thai Iced Tea and Viet Coffee flavors while Lucas chatted with the owner about possibly bringing some back to NYC.

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