Thursday, August 8, 2013

187: G-Shock 30th Anniversary Celebration at Basketball City

Casio G-Shock celebrated another year, after it's 30th Anniversary event last year. They moved from Hammerstein Ballroom to a bigger venue here. I arrived and attended the press conference presentation hosted by David Johnson and Shigenori Itoh with speakers James Marsden, Brook Lopez, Jessica Stam, and Louie Vito.

The presentation focused on three highlights: The MT-G (a higher price-pointed luxurious metal twisted G-Shock), the smaller Baby-G getting smaller, and the ever popular biggest selling 6900 getting bigger.
There were also improvements upon the originals FROGMAN, ICEMAN, MUDMAN, in the form of an ultimate version of each model, along with a new RANGEMAN model.
There were last talking point was upon the various new choice collaborations they had such as the New Era one where the case was in a baseball hat shape, the Louie Vito snowboarder signature collab, and the Eminem push on the bigger 6900, the GD-X6900.

After the press conference, was a press mixer for an hour or so, with hors d'oeuvres and drink and display stations on a few of the highlights during the conference. I ran into various familiar faces such as Jimmy Conway, yoRajah + Po, and Jason.

See the pics as follows chronologically.

Iana biok niak

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