Wednesday, August 7, 2013

185: Coors Light Search For The Coldest at Stage48

Coors Light held a competition for MCs in different cities to find out who the "coldest MC" was. They finalist from each stop were flown out to NYC for the finale and a chance to win twenty thousand dollars. The finalists had to spit a freestyle, their best verse, and then perform the song they were famous for. The winner was Mr. Hyde from Chicago. Bun B performed a few tracks, along with host Ice Cube, and special guest Buckshot. The finale had headliner Big Sean perform multiple tracks.

The wait in the line was interesting. The wristbands had two drink tickets, but we schemed to get more by ripping/hiding them and getting another wristband from another 'promo girl' who was glad to oblige in giving a wristband. No food at this event, but they did not even check names at this one or pat down.

Io vinaka sa vinaka

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