Thursday, December 9, 2010


Random photos of The Triple Rock from Tuesday night. There are some familiar faces in there, so it is not completely random

The first three are Masha, Laura, Sar in that order. The second two are Jessie and Brie. Friends or Friends Of A Friend are the common connection

The first photo is of the floor there. Wes is on the tables there. The second is of Adam and Laura.

The first photo is another of Wes, while the second photo is Danny striking the superhero pose.

The first photo below is Lucia and Eunice, while the second photo contains the same, but with Sar in ecstatic joy

The Ushanka and companies. Peaces or Deuces.

Brie and friend. I got into a discussion over the pattern/material. Plaid is apparently a material and tartan is a pattern. I think her skirt is plaid pattern in my opinion and flannel material:l. She digressed differently.

Going into the Nomad. Around one in the morning. The time when their drink special starts. The second photo is Zach, Mike, Mike, and a "I do not know".

This dude's shirt is a light up equalizer that moves along to the music. The second photo is going out of the Nomad.


rok lom

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