Wednesday, December 8, 2010


December sixth night. Nate never had Five Guys burgers. We head over there.

 Nate cops a 'regular' cheeseburger unknowing the double patty joy.

The fries and Vince's burger bag 

The Cajun fries with some malt vinegar sprinkled into it.

Nate looks so stoned or tired in the first photo. His first bite is like cocaine, or epinephrine.

Two dudes feasting here. I just ate the fries as I had a gyro and fries at work already.

 Vince's new car he got in the trade deal. It is an two thousand two Audi A4 Quattro 2.8 manual.

Here goes the cockpit view. I love Audis over BMW and Mercedes Benz cars.

We ended up going to Vince's place and shot the shit. Nate bought a Ricoh GR from Vince with accessories for two fifty since he is friends and family. Regularly, the price would be like five or some shit ridiculous.
The End (of this post.....)


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