Tuesday, September 8, 2009

State Fair.

So I haven't been to the State Fair of Minnesota for a good 10+ years. Seems to me same shit, higher cost every year. I have to agree. But there are some things at the fair that aren't everywhere, so I had to make the trip.

Up first is this huge fish made from junk. Shit was gigantic. Awesomes.

This space needle, imagine if it toppled. This thing is is seen all year round from the outside. I never been in it or ridden it yet, maybe next decade.

Saw this place. I thought they were serving bull meat. It turns out they were tenderloin tips season with this horseradish sauce. I ate it so fast, couldn't take photos.

I went a few more hundred feet, saw a sign that said Food Building. I went in. I saw this to my left and then to my right.

I had an agenda coming to the fair. This was one of the must eat things when I came tonight.

Heaven. For $5. -_-

Spiral chips, too much for 1 person.

Part 2. Pronto pups aka the corn dog. I know, you can get it at Cub foods, but not the same, its just a slight taste difference. $3.50 down.

Yum-yum. Picture after the bite.

This was a new one to me. This took the place where the arcade had been previous years. Guess video games aren't as much of a money maker or they didn't have enough money to lease the spot. This was a butterfly house where people could "interact" with different butterflies.

The Butterfly House sign.

The giant slide. Fun time.

Deep fried candy bars. A delicatessen. Snickers, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, and others.

My heaven. Cookies. Time to sugar OD

A pail, about 4 dozen. 14$. Nom nom nom.

Milk and cookies. All you can drink for $1. I had about 3 glasses and about a dozen or so before I was feeling gluttonous.

So ends my trip to the Fair. I could about last for another decade before going there. I've see most that all there is to see and spend.


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