Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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Hypebeast was founded on February 2006 as an independent blog/forum dedicated to the new phenomenon referred to as streetwear. Now dont get me wrong, streetwear can essentially be labeled as "rich kids spending daddy's doughstacks" clothes, but it was moreso about the individuality than the awe factor "Look at me, I'm smashing niigggas in my peacoat!" narcissistic approach. Although the term streetwear predates 06(Polo,Nautica,Tims,etc. of the mid '90s) and the 21st century, one can only conclude in a definite manner that during the 2005-2006 year, streetwear gradually moved its "follower core" to a more mainstream marketabilty outlook with brands like The Hundreds,Stussy, and 10 Deep just to name a few, making a greater push to reach a larger more broad clientele. This inturn caused a huge influx of emos, skaters, sneakerheads, swaggerjackers, and posers to jump on the wagon immediately. You may be asking now, what pertinence does the following have to do in correlation with Hypebeast? Well in a rather vague answer: EVERYTHING. Hypebeast was/is one of the leading blogs and sites where a conglomerate of brands from various countries and backgrounds are/were brought to convey,sculpt, and define their various tastes. This enthusiastic and fascinated community opened up their arms to the new brands being bestowed and also of the older ones being ressurected onto the spotlight. This time period saw an unprecedented rise amongst the number of streetwear clothes being sold, store openings, and overall conventions and events being held. Such an angelic year ensued until roughly the start of 2008. It was this year that the drop from originality took place and it seemed to be comprised of brands being formed to regurgitate successful ideas and rehash them a 1,000 times over again.
Although this perpetual cycle of same ideas bullshit started way before the start of 2008, it is evident that the number of clones both in the "online attire" internet world and the real world was drastically revealed during this period. The amount of WDYWT '08 and later swaggerjackers meticulously scanned the various threads, pinpointing numerously deemed "cool items" and purchasing that same item the next day to gain the approval by this website and others, and also to feel a sense of accomplishment in their rather EPIC FAIL real world life and sterile upbringings. Such items like BDUs, Samarai denim, and Vans saw an abundance of newfound enthusiasts whos main goal in life is robocoppin everything awesome and faking off the appearance of being down with a particular musice genre,group, or artist, when they infact werent even born during those performer's music beginnings. What I find befuddling in this whole ordeal is the countless number of styles kids on these forums are switching from. What makes the original posters on this thread so irrate is the badgering this ensues from the younger posters acting like they know what's up. Newsflash, members on this website scuplted and shaped streetwear into what it has become. Whether it was through the Nike SB hype or a particular brand, the boat always came through Hypebeast first and then infiltrated to the other subpar websites like ISS and Niketalk.
A prime example would be the death of SBs as of like a year ago. These same swaggerjackers jumped on that ship and furthermore, caused Nike Skateboarding as a company to realize this hype which resulted in grotesque colorways for true collectors. SBs were the epitome of streetwear during 2006 to mid 2007s and it wasn't until the insurgence of Van/APC/AA hype that these shoes whithered into the abyss of our memories. The amount of swaggerjackers that signed up in 2008 and 2009 is so baffling that I find it rather repulsive. These ISS and Sufu rejects need to go back to their forementioned internet homes and stay in their place because we dont want you here. This brings up another alluring question into our hands: What are we as a community going to do about it to combat these infidels?
It is quintessentially our task as a community to lay down our foot and do whats right for potential posters to come. This epidemic is corroding what he hold to be so sacred. It is paramount that we call out kids who follow this trend and hold them accountable for their actions. People like Helgen and JKissi should be praised for both their fashion philosophy and how they go about applying their take on how people should dress. Enough of this benevolent behavior and free pass to kids. We will bring down the Luciferian whipping party if it continues to ensue, and yes, it will be in an ominous manner. Thank you for your time.


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