Monday, September 29, 2008

New leaf.

No pictures due to not having my strapped case on my cam. Maybe next weekend......

Posting more slightly frequently.
Saw eagle eye last night. Slightly predictable. Shia laboeuf needs to beef up if he wants to be taken seriously, sort of like me. Skinny asian dude trying to be serious doesn't work well:/
Slept at about 1130pm or so last night.

Saturday. I fucked up. Made a trip to Ikea with Orrin's car. I come back. We leave work. The time we leave is about 902pm or so. The car's headlights are on. Orrin's jaws drop and stutters. I go "o shit". These 2 guys are walking by. I ask if they have any jumper cables. I expect them not to, but they did. I was in shock. We start jumping the car. The connections on his Orrin's battery is seized and I start scrapping at the dry battery acid and sparks fly a little bit. The two guys were about to leave, and then the beast roared to start. Orrin drove and we were gunning it to the Uptown Vs. We were to be there at 930pm. We left Southdale at 913pm or so. We make it to Uptown at 932pm, URGH.
End up going home. Shower. Slamming a Rockstar Punch. Then start slamming another as a chaser with weird organic Vodka. Bad idea due to the Pecanbon I ate with another Rockstar Punch at 8pm earlier. If your count is right, thats right, I was on the third 1. That shit was speeding  me up. I chill at house for a little watching roomie play drinking game and figure where to go. I end up hungry and go to Mesa.
I get a Chicken Cordon Bleu slice. I eat it halfway, when Mooty and Natalie run up outta a taxi and it flops down on the ground, he gets me a pepperoni slice. Hiis girl is wearing his black supra skytop tufs. Shits tough like a mofo and look mean:) He is barefoot in his socks. We all walk back to SAE and chill there. Pike is having some nightglow steez. Mooty gimmies a Keystone or something, went down like water, no flavor. Bummed a Camel Crush off this 1 girl. Shits interesting cig. Read about it.
Walk home, sleep, wake up, do it all over again. Work on a Sunday. 

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