Saturday, February 9, 2013

173: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Launch at Skylight Moynihan Station

We knew where the performance was going to be. No one had tickets. I showed up with a few friends. Those few friends turned into a mob. That mob got in. With open bar everything and various gift bags(specifically FREE Samsung Galaxy Note 2s) which I did not get, but others did, and Kanye set to perform in the maze of a venue, I was too elated. All this for FREE! The small floor was packed for the small stage he was to perform on. I schemed to get a bottle from the open bar to drink during the floor instead of having to run back. I got a bottle, it ended up being red wine, because it was the most convenient and what I could get. I get that go to my friends, then go back for another bottle. I end up with a tequila bottle. That sufficed for the rest of the show! Being front row for free at an hour long set Kanye show and open bar with "bottle service", it was a good night!


 Ne lam ke

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