Monday, February 1, 2010

1/31/10: 98 Pounds Buffet in Bloomington Minnesota

My brother's twenty eighth birthday was on the twenty ninth of January. We celebrated it by going to 98 Pounds Buffet in Bloomington, Minnesota. The cost of dinner on Sunday there is fifteen ninety eight. The wait was about like ten to fifteen minutes. It is a new experience to me, but an old experience to my family. I was there with my brother, older and younger, and my grandma after work.
I went to Target after he picked me up from work first though. I had to buy some hygienics I would say and other things. I bought toothpaste(a four-pack), detergent, dryer sheets, and body wash.
98 Pounds differs from other buffets that I have been to in a few different aspects. It has a 'fresh' sushi bar, mostly rolls some salmon and cocktail shrimp and oysters. It has crayfish, which I could of ate nothing but all night. They have clams with black bean sauce and deep fried lobster or crabs as well. There was not any snow crab legs like many other buffets I've been to as well. The quickness with which the buffet was replenished after an item was out was very fast. I caught some snaps of the food and such. I had to savor the food and such. I also had four oysters which were not snapped in the pictures.

98 Pounds entrance: Left and right view.

My plate, mostly gone, and my brothers first plates of the night.

My grandma to my right and her handy work

My second and third plate

My grandma going at her plate.

My fourth and final plate

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