Monday, April 27, 2009

Nice Party

I stayed in this night. Got in. Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek free concert cancelled late. I KNOW what that means. The bum either didn't make it on time or decided to not show up.

Instead, had a poppin' slightly Stickam session with some "friends"
I came home to a wet slippery kitchen among other things at the house.

2 Kegs at our house. 5 at another, 2 at another, and then 3 more. A total of 12 over 4 houses. Riot starts around Scotty's house where my roomates are friends with and usually go there. They were amidst the riot and many came back to the house after and during the riot. I heard the flashbangs and fireworks that were used.

Heres a video by Kare11 news. Check the dude wiping out at the end.

Damn, I'd be mad too, YOU OUTTA CHICKEN?

Dudes gets it in. That cross is his. Dropping May 12th!

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