Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year In Review and Shits

Thank god for every day I'm alive. If you are good, life has a way of working itself out. Eventually.

Leave  note people. Shit updated soon, sorry to those hoping for new shit all the time
I worked 8am-10pm fro the Friday before Xmas to Tuesday, resulting in 6am wakeups and 11pm or later sleep times.
The Jordan release that Saturday didn't help either. I woke up at 3:38 or so in the morning. Head out and get to the mall at about 430 after i shower and groggy. Chill in the car until about 515 or so. Walk into the mall. Get to the door before the stupid mass goes running like a damn rhino rampage. I should of brought my camera. Sorry about no pictures. Pictures updated in random tomorrow or tonight in no specific order accompanied by a little note next. So much shit to say, so little time. 

Vs. Social Standard. http://www.vssocial.com
"My" store and it's website

Event: That Head Nigga In Charge. Barack Obama BLOWING OUT McCain. 
Music: The Recession by Young Jeezy. Whole fucking album is anthem of the year status. Fuck that nigga Kanye. I ain't buy that shit.
Shoes: I got my fucking Infrareds 90 and Neon 95 for 85 each! Second place goes to the 11/12 pack this year. Fuck Jordan most of the time now
Brand: Triumvir trumps The Hundreds
Movie: Dark Knight
Website: Niketalk and Hypebeast
Kid Cudi Interview: Seems like a pretty chill ass mother fucker. Real.

God Bless. If I don't make something before today, tomorrow, or the day after.
See You Next Year.

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Chris *** said...

whaddup bro showing some love back, ive been reading your blog for a minute now, you gotta get those updates haha. NT name- fatboyslim891