Saturday, November 29, 2008


Dragon Ball Z Anyone?

Olivia Munn FTW!

So its been about 7 days. Aptly named for the amount of days since my last post. Shit happened since then.
Ipod got stolen. I found it to begin with, but sentimentality that was attached with it lost.
Found some cool shit.

Turkey day was awesomeness. Had 2 meals and was stuffed. I got the 3Sixteen Crosscut flannel shirt. Woke up at 3am the next day. Worked from 5am until 1130pm for Black Friday, named for the famous stock market crash of 19xx. I don't even know anymore. Shits. I get home. Keg party at the house. I too pooped. I had some blood shot eyes when I got home. Drank a few sips of the beer, which was still cold when I got there at 1145 or midnight about. I then ate some turkey that they had a thanksgiving dinner apparently, and some pasta salad. I tried to catch a sleep at about like 1 or 130. FUCKING thin cheap wall LOL. I stayed busy texting a friend that was trashed and back in town now for break. It was interesting. I had three layers of blankets Now I am open and all ready to do Friday all over again.
What the fuck. What happened with the other 2+ ays aside from the last 2-3? The fuck do I know. Its older, forgot to blog it. I so then can't write about it. Also sold some shoes. Sold shit bout shit, recycle shit.

I am lately becoming an stickam addict. It is like a webcam chatroom thinger..

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